“There is no better legacy than sharing our essence, our flavors, what has led us to be who we are, with others.”


chorizos El Conchel

Our brands

  • El Conchel

    Taste and tradition

    Our products portfolio is as wide as the preferences of our clients. El Conchel presents its families of meat products and charcuterie specialties, which offer solutions for everyone. The best of it?, all of them have something in common, that maintain our essence alive, but adapting to the today’s customers needs

    JamonesClub BBQ BarbacoaSnacksLabriegosCocinadosSabyfresTradicionalesAl corte Selección en finas lonchas
  • LINAJE Duroc Singular

    100% Duroc

    Linaje is the result of the recipes of our origins, elaborated with the best raw materials, a “Duroc Singular” with 100% natural ingredients.

  • Herencia 1908

    Superior Ecológico

    Inherited recipes, loyal to the purest tradition, slowly and carefully elaborated, respecting the land and the original flavor.


El Ballestero, the land
that saw us be born
and made us grow

Its climate, its tradition, it people and their stories,
have served as inspiration to 4 generations.
Discover the magic of this recondite village
in the middle of the imposing Sierra de Alcaraz


El Ballestero

Outstanding products

The best of our shop online


We take care of
our products from the very
beginning to the end

Only the excellent is acceptable, that is the reason
to carefully monitor each of our products
during the whole process,
from the selection of the best raw materials,
until our product arrives to your table.



The passion for what we do, the inherited know-how and the acquired experience, are conjugated to create every single product.

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