El Conchel, 30 years of history



The Family is dedicated to the agriculture, and they decide to open a small butcher shop in El Ballestero for increasing their income. Time passed and in 1991, three of their 4 children decided to start their entrepreneurship career.

El Conchel was then burned as a small factory with only 400sqm, inside of which, traditional meat products were produced. Elaborated and Cured products for a clientele of 20 butchery shops in the rural area were El Conchel is located.


El Conchel undertakes new investments in facilities and machinery, which enabled us to become the first meat factory in the province with recognized ability to commercialize our products in the European market context. A commercial department was incorporated along with butchery services to satisfy the demand of our clients.

In 1996, the growing in our clients portfolio, enabled the construction of new facilities and the incorporation of new machinery. The new objective was rise the hospitality business outside our region, thanks to the creation of our Cooked and Smoked products.


Last generation packing and conserving techniques were incorporated for a better treatment of our products. In 2005, we were pioneers in offering to the customers, through our website, all the information and characteristics of our products. Also, in 2010, our range of pre-cooked products was launched to the market, with the objective of easing and satisfying the needs of consumers with a practical, tasty and nutritive offer. Because of our expansion and internationalization plan, El Conchel, became El Conchel Original Food S.A.


After a long research process, in 2012, El Conchel eliminates the 100% of Gluten from every product, and since then, we have been present in FACE list (Spanish Federation of Celiacs). In 2015 the internationalization of our company became a reality with our first international clients in England and Ukraine.

In 2017, El Conchel undertakes a restructuring process of the company and its positioning and presents to the market with a new image.


During these last years, we have been implementing in our production system, the installation of photovoltaic panels. Nowadays, 40% of out total electric consumption comes from self-sufficient resources.

Thanks to the constant research of our departments, we have created from deep-rooted recipes, a new range free from allergens and artificial additives, colorants and preservatives, that has been elaborated with the best raw materials. That is how Linaje, Duroc Singular, was burned.

In addition, we achieved an Ecologic Certificate, aiming to create a new ecologic gourmet range, in a sustainable way, recovering inherited recipes and exhaustively controlling the tradability of the raw materials employed, being loyal to the purest tradition. That is how in 2020 Herencia 1908 launched into the market.


El Ballestero, our
origen, our home

El Ballestero is the place that saw us born and where we wanted to grow. We are proud of our origins, of our charcuterie and we are conscious of our responsibility in the legacy of tradition. For that reason, we maintain the know-how and we put in every product of El Conchel, a little bit of our hometown and its people souls.

El Ballestero

We are the fourth generation

In 1908, our Grandmother Sara was born, and with her, our story begins. The rural Spain of that moment used the imagination to survive the long winters and the annual slaughter was a tradition celebrated every Autumn. From this custom, elaboration that allowed to preserve the meat during the rest of the year, were born. In that way, is how our first recipes were born, same recipes that have been transmitted generation after generation. Nowadays, in El Conchel, we are the fourth generation, and we maintain our loyalty to the most authentic flavour, the tradition and the essence of our origins.



Tradición e historia de El Conchel

We pay tribute to tradition

We inherited the know-how and preserve the authentic flavour. The respectful combination of tradition and innovation is our seal of identity.

Elaboración tradicional
Embutido de Elaboración tradicional

We take care of our essence

We give our best in every product, and we do so with the respect that our village wisdom deserves. From its streets, we transmit our characteristic essence to the rest of the world.

Tradition and innovation are reunited in our slow and careful processes to achieve the authentic flavor.