We ensure quality
and alimentary safety

Our compromise is to be extremely exigent in all our production process. For that reason, in El Conchel, we only work with suppliers and clients able to guarantee at the same time, the same quality and food safety until the products reach the final customers being rigorous complying with the prevailing normative, as well as providing certifications which verify their excellency level in all its processes and products.


Recognized and endorsed
with certifications

El Conchel counts with internationally recognized certifications, which back our trajectory, know-how and furthermore, the trajectory of every chain link. Those certifications guarantee food safety, the raw materials traceability used to obtain an excellent product, the veracity of the denominations of products with the seal of Guarantee Traditional Specialty for our Serrano Ham range and with the ecologic seal for our range Herencia 1908.

Quality and control

Our quality department makes sure that recipes and processes to elaborate our charcuterie and meat products maintain our deep routed essence, controlling humid and temperature conditions during the curing stage specially. All of that with the maximum guarantee in which respects to Food Safety.


Tradition and Innovation

Our final goal is that everyone is able to enjoy our products, with independence of their situations. For that, we put the most modern technology to our service, to eliminate allergens or secure the perfect preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of our products during the whole shelf life.


In El Conchel, we reunite tradition with new tendencies so you can enjoy the best charcuterie