El Conchel, in solidarity with society

We firmly believe that enterprises have a compromise with society. From El Conchel, we choose the causes with which we collaborate because we are strongly convinced of their value, we trust on the people who carry them out and because we think that their task is essential for the society.


with the environment

Our surroundings, the land that feeds us, the air we breathe, the soil, the rivers, the forests, the oceans… they have suffered the consequences of an unsustainable lifestyle and our responsibility is to contribute to productions models and a way of life more responsible with the environment.

“A lot of small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world”

Eduardo Galeano

Committed to health

As an enterprise dedicated to the food products, we are conscious of our obligation to create better products for our health, that is what motivates our I+D+I department to be each day more focus on this duty. We have been working in the elimination of allergen from all our products for years and we are certainly close to achieve it. In addition, we are part and collaborate with organization and causes that promote healthier lifestyles and a well-balanced diet.

elaboramos nuestros productos El Conchel sin gluten, sin soja, sin lactosa ni derivados lácteos ni colorantes.
Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, colorants free


Embutidos y productos cárnicos producidos 100% libres de aditivos artificiales


El Conchel produce sin gluten y sin aditivos artificiales

We promote “the local”

Our land and our people have served as an inspiration for our recipes The air coming from our mountains, the freezing cold of our winters and the intense heat of our summers, bring character and the unique flavor to our products. We consider necessary recognize and promote our regio and foment the local economy.

Salchichón mini

Taking it to the world

We desire that our products and their authentic flavor reach everyone. We look forward for the tastes of our land to travel to the tables of those who appreciate the quality and the most deeply-rooted traditional flavors.

What moves and touch us

Download our corporate social responsibility report to know more about our compromise.


Responsabilidad en El Conchel, producción responsable de embutidos y productos cárnicos