In compliance with Law 34/2002, the 11th of July concerning information services and e-commerce, as owner of this website, informs its users that its VAT number is A-02 145 183, registered in Public Registry of Commerce in Albacete, Volume 273, Book 36, Sheet 1, Page 669, 1st Entry 17/06/1991, and its registered company address is Arrabal St., number 8, 02614 El Ballestero (Albacete).

1. Conditions of Use

The access and use of any of the services of this website is free and free of charge, and implies the acceptance of the conditions described in this legal notice as well as the Personal Data Protection policy of In case of questions or enquiries provides for its customers different means of contact with its Customer Service Department.

In order to use the ( portal, you need to obtain the User status. Visiting and using the purchasing products from the portal, implies the acceptance of all General Conditions (without exceptions), as well as of the Special Conditions related to the purchase

El Conchel Original Foot S.A does not have control over the use of this service by its Users, neither does it guarantee the use of the law compliance and general conditions services, nor the moral and correct behavior as generally accepted by the public opinion or a diligent and prudent use.

El Conchel Original Food, will persecute the incompliance of the above mentioned conditions, as well as the inappropriate use of the content presented in its website, taking legal and penal actions accordingly.

2. Exoneration of resposibility due to interruption, errors, or content modification

El Conchel Original Food, S.A. lists among its priorities doing anything in its power to offer accurate, up to date information and a site free of interruptions, breakdowns and disconnections. Nonetheless, El Conchel Original Food, S.A. cannot guarantee a full absence of errors neither in its contents, nor in the well-functioning of the system and therefore bears no responsibility of any given incident deriving from potential lacks of veracity, integrity, updating, data and information accuracy in its pages, or eventual interference, omission, interruption or disconnection during the access to this site.

In the same way El Conchel Original Food, S.A., is granted with the right to modify, delete or add without previous notice, except in the case of the expressed warranties of privacy and confidentiality, any of the information and services of its website in addition to its configuration and location. As far as the information belonging to third parties is concerned, does not bear the responsibility of its quality, reliability, accuracy or correction (texts, images and other Internet data).

3. Intellectual property

El Conchel is a registered brand and prohibits the non-authorized use of its name, brand or logo.

All the content in this website (texts, images, sounds, audio, video, design, software and any other material) is property of El Conchel Food, S.A., or of third parties whenever applicable, making all rights and industrial property reserved. The user may visualize, print, copy or save the website content exclusively for their private and personal use. Use, distribution, modification and alteration for commercial aims remains strictly prohibited.

Even so, El Conchel Original Food, S.A., expressively authorizes the establishment of links or hyperlinks to any parts of this website form websites of other parties, as long as the good name or image of El Conchel Original Food, S.A, its providers or customers are not harmed.

El Conchel Original Food, S.A. authorizes the mentioning of its contents as well in websites of third parties, provided that it remains a partial reproduction, the content is not modified, the property of El Conchel Original Food, S.A. is explicitly stated, and the reproduction is hyperlinked to the page where the original content is found so that the User may perceive that by accessing it, the navigator will redirect them to the URL of El Conchel Original Food, S.A.

4. Confidentiality of personal data and personal data protection

Please see information at our PRIVACY POLICY section

5. Responsibilities of El Conchel Original Food S.A.

El Conchel Original Food, S.A. will solely take responsibility of harm caused to the User by fraudulent actions of the Portal. The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Portal and the purchase of the products is done at their own risk and responsibility.

El Conchel Original Food, S.A. will not bear the responsibility of damage of merely illustrative and non-limiting type.

  • Inference, omission, interruption, virus, breakdown and/or disconnection in the operative functionality of the User’s Hardware, caused by external sources which may impede or delay the purchase process or navigating the Portal;
  • Delays or jams caused by internet overload or deficiency in other electronic systems.
  • Harm caused by third parties though interferences out of the Portal’s control will be charged to El Conchel Original Food, S.A.
  • Information differences of documents, files and other Portal content which may exist between the electronic and the printed version.
  • Inability to provide service or allow access due to external causes attributed the User or force majeure.

6. Obligations of the User

In general, the User must comply with the General Conditions, particular warnings or instructions of use found in the Portal and always act in compliance with the law, goodwill and appropriate diligence of the service, abstaining to use the Portal in manners that might impede, harm or deteriorate its functionality and the assets of El Conchel Original Food, S.A., its suppliers, providers, the rest of Users or other third parties.

Specifically, without any implication of restriction or obligation assumed by the User with regard the previous paragraph, while purchasing products or using the Portal, the User must:

  • Provide true and updated information, once signed up.
  • Abstain from introducing, storing, or disseminating information or material considered to be defamatory, offensive, threatening, xenophobic and incited violence, discrimination with regard race, sex, ideology, religion or which threatens the public order, fundamental rights, public freedom, reputation, intimacy, the image of third parties and current legislation.
  • Refrain from introducing, storing, or disseminating software, data, viruses, codes, hardware/communication hardware or any other electronic device which may cause any kind of harm, alteration or impediment to the functionality of the Portal, the services and networks of El Conchel Original Food, S.A. or other users, providers, suppliers of El Conchel Original Food, S.A, and third parties.
  • Safely store their username and password as identifying credentials which will enable them to purchase products through the portal. The User must also, keep from sharing their credentials with third parties, by doing so they assume the responsibility for any derived harm of their inappropriate use. Likewise, users commit themselves to communicate to El Conchel Original Food, S.A., at their earliest convenience the loss, theft or any other irregularities of their access credentials caused by third parties.
  • Refrain from engaging in advertising, promotional, or commercial actions through the Portal, neither use the content or the information enclosed to disseminate publicity, send messages with vending or other commercial ends or to store third parties’ data.
  • Abstain from false identities, nor forge third parties’ accounts, not use their credential to access the portal, purchase products, or take other actions.
  • Withhold from, altering, rendering information, software or e-documents of El Conchel Original Food, S.A., its providers, suppliers, or third parties.
  • Keep from introducing, storing or disseminating through the Portal content that violates the rights of intellectual and industrial property, entrepreneurial secrets of third parties, or any other sort of content which’s right to be shared with third parties is not grounded in law conformity.

7. Communication

As stated in General Conditions, communication between the User and El Conchel Original Food, S.A. should be channeled through the Customer Service’s e-mail address (, or in written form at Customer Support Department of El Conchel Original Food, S.A. in c/ Arrabal, número 8, 02614 EL Ballestero (Albacete).

The communication of El Conchel Original Food, S.A. with regards the User is done through the data supplied by them in the Portal.

8. Applicable legislation. Arbitration

The current contract is regulated by Spanish law which is applicable in interpretation, validity, and execution. In the case of disputes or reclamations between the parties with regard the compliance with the content of the General Conditions, the parties will negotiate with goodwill to settle them within one month since their formal notice.

In case the disputes or reclamations are not settled within the appointed timeframe the parties, waiving their own jurisdiction, will submit the dispute settlement to the Institution of the Spanish Association of Technological Arbitration (ARBITEC), which is entrusted with the administration and the arbitrators in compliance with its Regulations and Statutes.


 In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), the enterprise’s data     is:

  • VAT number: A-02145183
  • Address: Calle Arrabal nº 8, 02614 El Ballestero (Albacete).
  • Postal code: 02614 El Ballestero (Albacete)
  • Phone number: 967 38 43 01
  • Fax: 967 38 43 16 E-Mail:

Registered in the Public Registry of Commerce in Albacete, volume, 272, book 36, sheet 1, page, 699, entry 1ª 17/06/1991, with VAT number: A-02145183

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